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People-oriented, analytical, pragmatic, and dynamic, I have a highly creative nature that’s balanced by a grounded realism and “get it done” attitude. In my mind, an idea has real value when it’s turned into something that others can enjoy and benefit from.


I derive great pride and satisfaction from my ability to implement ideas, and find joy in the process of creation with all its ups and downs. I'm a natural organizer with an ability to motivate and inspire others. I find great joy in supporting everyone, and everything, working together to see a project through to the end.


I thrive in the company of idealistic and imaginative dreamer types, who remind me that there is limitless inspiration to be found within and let the dreamer spark imagination and inspire all of us to think bigger.


Currently, I have been successfully evolving my focus to develop immersive and expansive environmental experiences that create lasting emotional connections to audiences. 

As the Executive Producer for The Shazzbots, I co-led a team of creative professionals that created a dynamic immersive experiential brand that captivates children and families internationally. Our triple Emmy winning TV pilot, on Amazon Prime, reaches viewers in Japan. Our music is distributed worldwide and flying at 30,000 feet on Australian airlines Qantas.  The band's live performances bring energetic custom designed sets that engage audiences on their tours.


My career path has been a wonderful adventure that continues to develop. Most of my life I have gravitated to filmmaking for the complexity of skills needed the manage a project’s completion, collaboration with so many talented people, along with a significant focus on business strategy for marketing and distribution.


I co-founded a content agency when I was 25, where I led a team of creative professionals in developing brand experiences with video, digital, and print media for Bacardi, Dewars, and Bombay Sapphire. 


From there, I specialized my approach to focus on producing broadcast commercials for marketing agencies 
and brand communications for  companies such as Chipotle. 


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